Monday, May 21, 2012

SneakerCon - Chicago 2012 Sponsored by adidas

This past weekend was a historic weekend in Chicago (and Los Angeles as well) The folks  in L.A. got to enjoy their sports teams battle their opponents at the Staples Center for back-to-back games, but unfortunately they all lost at home. While in Chicago, it was more than sports. The crosstown classic series between the city's most beloved Cubs and their southside counterpart, the White Sox became a sideshow to the NATO summit and all the disturbing baggage that it brought. Protesters took to the streets in 90+ degree heat and what started out as a peaceful march turned somewhat violent as some acted foolishly by refusing to disperse. Thank goodness all of that took place in the downtown area and closer to Chinatown. Up north, in the Logan Square neighborhood, we had a more peaceful and fun-loving event, SneakerCon. Not as glamorous as I thought it was going to be, but it was ok. Entrance was kinda steep at $12, prices of the sneakers are basically a rip-off, but a few dudes got a good deal, for the most part though, they are selling off recently released stuff that wasn't even considered dope or heat to sneakerheads. Li-Ning, Leaders1354, Bucketfeet and a few smaller locale entry was there. adidas was the official sponsor so they had the biggest set-up. I am definitely looking forward to getting the Jeremy Scott Flower Bear when they drop in a few month.

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