Thursday, May 24, 2012

NIKE ZOOM KOBE 7 (WHAT THE KOBE) - The not so average looking kicks


If you read that quote above and look at the pics provided by Sneaker Freaker, whom would pop into your mind? KOBE BEAN right? You get NO MEAL! Kobe's idol said that in his book. Who is his idol? Well it's the one and only Michael Jordan of course. 

Throughout his legendary career, my man Mike provided many inspirational quotes but I remember this one because it relates so much with the current state of the sneaker world. Everyone is trying to go above and beyond average these days for the sake of being different. Didn't they used to hate different? Well different has a new appreciation these days, many folks are learning different languages, we all want to live in a different country, eat ethnic foods, even go as far as assimilating to a different culture altogether.

But the appreciation of different within the sneaker culture is well, DIFFERENT. Sneakerheads try so hard to differentiate themselves from one another and they ended up all the same. Their purchase habits are predictated by giant sneaker companies, 'fashion' to them consist of a black T-Shirt, camo cargo shorts, a fitted NewEra cap, a Casio G-Shock as their timepiece of choice and most recently a Nike Fuelband. I've seen robots rebels against their master before these sneakerheads will turn against their favorite brand. Mindless robots themselves, following what their "Influencers" told them to buy, wear and act. Doesn't that make them average in the end?

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