Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NIKE ELITE SERIES 2.0 presents LeBron, KD and probably should omit Kobe from Playoffs lineup

How was Nike supposed to know that the Lakers would probably not make the 2013 NBA Playoffs, and how's Nike supposed to know that all those minutes would lead the 'Black Mamba' to a ruptured Achilles tendon and would be shelved for the year maybe even next year. If they would've known, they probably would not make an ELITE version of the Kobester's 8th signature shoes. MAYBE, if they would've introduced the ELITE series earlier then maybe Kobe wouldn't have gotten hurt, oh wait a minute....he got hurt while wearing these new ELITE that was supposed to be IMPROVED version of the inline offering. Could it be that the Kevlar is too stiff and was burdening Kobe's feet when he made that basketball move he made so many times until the POP? Or maybe the Flywire strings were too light? Were they really made for enhanced fit? Seems like every shoe company out there are preaching enhanced fit for their signature basketball sneakers and yet more and more basketball players are getting hurt with serious injuries.

Even w/o KObe, the NBA playoffs must move on with the current NBA Golden Boy/marketing machine and Nike still has the MVP in Bron and the MVP in waiting in Kevin Durant, hoping for a rematch of last year's title game. So out with the OLD (Kobe) In with the new (Bron & KD) Can't write this scenario any better than how everything is unveiling.