Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nike Kobe 9 ELITE 'Influence' - Influence by whom or what?

No Nike Kobe Collection is ever complete without a truly outrageous colorways. There are none more outrageous than this year's offering, the Nike Kobe 9 ELITE - "INFLUENCE". Influence by what you might ask, well we can only speculate for now, but based on the colorways it might be based off other signature shoes. You can actually see hints of the KD VI colorways, and a few colors based of LeBron's. And of course, being that it is a Nike shoes, it cannot be truly complete without the current fad of the VOLT or electric green color option. Pics courtesy of @POLICE_NUPE

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The friendly orange swoosh even in Penang

Oh my...seems that it's almost been a year since I update my blog. During that time tons of sneakers have dropped, I managed to relocate to a different continent, and about the only constant thing is the growing dominance of the Swoosh in all sneaker category. Guess when your beloved orange swoosh can be found in Penang, you have to be the undisputed number one. Looking forward to bringing and continuing my babble about sneakers soon. Thanks.