Friday, September 21, 2012

adidas basketball introduced The D Rose 3 Signature Collection in Chicago

Yeah yeah, I am a little late in updating my blog for the official introduction of the D Rose 3 Signature Collection, but seeing how they won't be available until October 4th, I can still get away with the tardiness. 

adidas Basketball finally releases a logo for Derrick Rose, and so far there's been positive feedback, especially in Chicago, many Bulls fan are looking forward to the new logo on the apparels and shoes. Of course being from Chicago and playing for the Bulls, the D Rose's collection will consist of mostly black and red colorways. The shoes however will come in 7 or 8 different colorways, mostly inspired again by the Bulls and his high school alma mater Simeon High. 

Most of the apparel will retail in between $15-$80, the Letteman jacket will probably run you a little more and the shoes itself will be $160, YES ONE SIXTY! A huge markup from the previous release. However, the new D Rose 3 will be equip with MiCoach system that tracks your training progress, vertical leap, speed, etc. 

I know for sure that Derrick won't be playing in his new signature shoes until AFTER the All-Star break in February and by then who knows if adidas already has planned for a POINT FIVE version like they did last year.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

NIKE FREE INNEVA WOVEN - Another Free Bottom

Combining a hand-woven upper with Nike Free natural motion, this shoe brings footwear craftsmanship to a new level. 

Designed to mimic the natural biomechanics of the foot, the Nike Free Inneva Woven is defined by its premium crafted details: a hand-woven upper, dynamic lacing system and natural motion.

An intricate 360-degree hand-woven system interconnects laces with the nylon webbing to create a complex pattern that cradles the upper precisely to the foot. Taking inspiration from Nike running technologies, the natural motion midsole and outsole is flexible and comfortable.

The Nike woven process maximizes the “less is more" philosophy to minimize material waste to create a basket-like weave that serves both function and style.

First introduced in 2000, the original Nike Air Woven shoe flipped the convention of shoe making to create a new aesthetic that spawned a faithful fan contingent. This 2012 introduction of the Nike Free Inneva Woven brings the woven technique to a whole new level, with precision weave that features varied strand widths for support, flexibility and breathability. The Nike Free Inneva Woven merges craftsmanship and performance innovation to form a design that is as beautiful as its benefits.

The Nike Free Inneva Woven launches globally in limited quantities on Saturday, September 22.


Nike LeBron X+ "Crown Jewel" / "Diamond Collection"

Before the official launch of the much discussed LeBron James's tenth signature shoe with Nike, LeBron wore a pair for the 2012 London Olympic Gold Medal game. Then speculation on a huge price hike circled around the internet and business world; old men that knows nothing about the sneaker culture started reporting and talking about it right and left. A $320 price tag was rumored, of course then it started being justified that it's the PLUS model that's going to be $300+ because of it's ability to track your vertical leap, speed and etc. Then they said, there will be 2 different price point. The PLUS enabled Nike LeBron X will be $300 and the non-PLUS units will be $180. Then, the final confirmation on the price finally hit from the swoosh, $270 for the PLUS enabled and $180 for the 'regular' LeBron James signature shoes. If you think back a little, it sort of resemble 'The Decision' does it not? When the general public was kept in the dark, speculating the destination of 'The Chosen One'. Well, these so called "Crown Jewel" Nike LeBron X+ will be available this coming Saturday, September 22 and again, it's rumored only three Nike DTC stores will have them, LA, NYC & Vegas. 

Nike Zoom Kobe Game Time - XDR bottom means China region only

Kobe Bryant's popularity in China is taking Nike Basketball to new heights as they once again introduce a new offering in the Nike Kobe signature line in terms of more takedown series. No other NBA superstar ever had this many signature takedown series as Kobe, heck even Michael Jordan didn't start making takedown series until the past few years with the Air Jordan Light offering. To make it even more bizarre, the Kobe takedown series of basketball shoes are only released in China, where Nike is building a World Headquarter in Shanghai and where the money is at right now. Knowing the Chinese spending habit and how the Chinese youth are gravitating towards American goods, Nike realized there's a market there for a Kobe takedown series, where the Chinese can still associate themselves with Nike, an American brand and still buy affordable basketball shoes of Mr. Beef himself. Images via Aaronknows

Monday, September 10, 2012

WEST NYC x NEW BALANCE MT580 Alpine Guide Edition

Not all collaboration are created equal. Some are highly anticipated by fans upon first glimpse, others are purposely leaked to 'tease' the money bag teenagers to buy into the current hype. Some becomes classic, some will be in some kid's Christmas list only for the reason that they were made in limited number. Cooler stores gets better collaborations, although these days, almost all the sneaker boutique has a collaboration of some sort with these two brands, Asics and New Balance. Almost every week it seems there's something, it's almost as bad as Jordan Brand with their RETRO releases and Nike with their offerings as well.

This one particular collaboration was inspired by West NYC's owner Lester Wasserman’s love of the outdoors with color cues from both 90’s alpine and ski apparel. Although to a basketball guy like me, it looks like the Ol' Charlotte Hornets colorways. And you already know they will be LIMITED and of course there will be lines outside the store when these are scheduled to release September 22nd, 2012. Images via WestNYC147

Nike Black Mamba 24 - It's an Asian thing

I am sure by now that all the Kobe nut suckers are aware that Kobe's name was derived from the popular Japanese beef that comes from a city in the Kansai region, Kobe (神戸 , Koh-Beh). Unfortunately, Nike AND basketball are not popular in Japan, they are however, めちゃくちゃ POPULAR in China. Outside of the U.S, basketball is number one in China. And guess who is opening a grand WHQ in Shanghai? Yupe, Nike. And given Kobe's insanely popular status out in China, it just makes perfect sense to release another take down rendition of Kobe Bryant's signature shoes with a Hyperfuse upper for China, especially since Hyperfuse technology was inspired by the Chinese basketball players for it's breathability and construction. So after saying all that, here we see the Nike Black Mamba 24, another China region release that we'll never get to see in the U.S. Look for these in the summer of 2013, around the time of the Championship parade, LOL! Images via AaronKnows