Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reebok - The Question - Coming back on May 25, 1012

I am sure that if you know sneakers, then you've heard of Allen Iverson. People that knows nothing of basketball have heard of Allen Iverson. Best guard/point guard to come out of G-Town, a University best known for grooming centers. But in the 1996 NBA Draft, a class filled with talents, Allen Iverson was picked first by the Philly 76ers. Now, back in the mid 90s, not many high schoolers were known celebs like they are now. College players were the studs and A.I was the MAN. His G'Town games would be nationally televised more often that other schools, of course it helps that Georgetown is an Old-School Nike school and that they gave A.I & his mates baggy jerseys, shorts, shooting shirt. Of course back in 1996, the must have sneakers are just like they are now, the Jordan 11 Concords, and A.I had them on his feet with his G-Town unis. But the unthinkable happened, Reebok made him a lucrative deal. He is their MAIN-MAN. Gave him his signature shoe right off the bat. The Question - they called it. Kids went nuts. 5000 pairs released in Philly, GONE in 2 seconds. This was before the internet, no Twitter RSVP, people actually had to drive to the stores and buy them. A.I was a star coming in, but that shoe made him a rockstar. no more living hard for A.I & Ms. Iverson, BBQ everyday, driving fancy cars and even shook the G.O.A.T! A.I went on to win Rookie game MVP and Rookie Of The Year. That was a good year. Now, in 2012. Allen Iverson is not the same. He is not A.I anymore, lost a step due to injury and age. Got into too much drama with the league. Heck, he has no place in LeBron's NBA. So, he is ballin' in CHINA....but Reebok stuck with him. One of the reason John Wall went with Reebok, loyalty. Now, they re-issue A.I's first shoe in that red/white, no changes to the classic, the way it's supposed to be when honoring a legacy. 

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