Friday, August 31, 2012

Miracle Whip x PMK x Reebok - For Questlove's Philly

I don't usually blog about custom shoes since there are so many folks customizing shoes now-a-days especially on the LeBron's. But this UBER-cool custom of a pair of Reebok Question by PMK is something out that is out of this world. Not only that it's dope looking, but it doesn't look like a freaking custom job. I know with technology and lots of creativity many kids these days can do it easily, but these custom looks like something that Reebok made in it's Chinese factory. 

Like all sneakers these day, it has to come with a story behind it, so here is the story behind this custom via PMK:

PMK or should we say the “Aristocracy” of custom sneaker culture continue their UN-questionable reign in 2012. Producing this years most profound varieties of custom sneakers and clothing and after this custom, there is no question on the heights that they are capable of reaching. Being summoned earlier this year by Kraft ( Miracle Whip) and Reebok to custom design a sneaker for Roots Drummer and sneaker guru Questlove, PMK knew that this would have to be the most unique Reebok Question to ever hit the scene.
With brother Questlove’s Roots being in Philly, the guys over at Reebok didn’t hesitate on their choice to give him the Reebok Question 2012 edition. It was now the job of PMK to transform this sneaker into a shoe that would be loved by all parties, a task rightfully given to the masters of concept design. After studying the shape of the shoe and hours of research on the brands involved…. the Miracle Question was born. This Iverson question was fashioned after the bottle using four hand-mixed blues and then accented by wooden lace locks and a box that represented a cutting board! This shoe was destined for the deli decor! Speckled paint adorned the laces and insole to match Miracle Whip spray paint branding and the signature Questlove silhouette was laser engraved into the lace lock and box featuring the MW logo in his iconic Afro. What started as a Man professing his love for a brand on twitter, turned into a product supported by cross industry giants. This collaboration is a miracle indeed.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nike LeBron X - Home Floridian Colorway

Fresh off his third MVP, an NBA Championship run and a GOLD MEDAL at the London Olympics, King James gets to wear these bad boys when training camp starts next month and a hoard of other colors when the 2013 NBA Season starts in late October. There is an "AWAY FLORIDIAN" colors as well, but I like these best. No words on release date and price point just yet, but I am sure the so-called "INFLUENCERS" already got their pairs to floss and front right? LOL!

New Balance M576 "Roy Bell" - Grey Roy/Robert

Roy Bell an employee of New Balance in the United Kingdom for TWENTY TWO years gets a shoe honored in his name. As part of the New Balance 1982-2012 - 30th Anniversary Collection, this pair of the M576 features smooth classic NB grey suede with charcoal of linings and hints of Navy Blue. Images via Sneakerandstuff

New Balance M576 "Andy Mandel" - Black/Andy

Andy Mandel an employee of New Balance in the United Kingdom for TWELVE years gets a shoe honored in his name. As part of the New Balance 1982-2012 - 30th Anniversary Collection, this pair of the M576 features smooth brown suede with plaids of red & green linings. Images via Sneakerandstuff

Nike Tennis 2012 U.S. Open - Maria Sharapova's little black dress

It's no Wimbledon, nor Roland Garros, but it is a major tournament and it's the only one that's in U.S soil that are worth mentioning. So Nike, as the major outfitters of the big guns in tennis rolled out the new look for the 2012 U.S Open in New York. We all know, New York is a big deal when it comes to fashion, so why not showcase Nike's major talents along with their over the top technology wrap into a fashion statement. Of course it doesn't hurt for Nike to have Ms. Sugarpova and her grunts to help sell products.

"Over the years Maria has epitomized style on the courts of the Big Apple. During her matches taking place in the day, she will grace the court in the Maria Back Court Day Dress, with a night time version being created for her evening matches. Its open-hole mesh fabric is bonded to the chest and back insets for breathablecomfort while the dress’ stabilizer straps offer the durability and support Maria needs."

U.S. Open 2012 - Ana Ivanovic adidas tennis gear

A few months back, adidas tennis released images of what their tennis athlete would wear in the 2012 U.S Open. They all looked good, but nothing really stands out if you compare them to the swoosh. But at least adidas has Ana Ivanovic. Yes, Nike does have Maria Sharapova's tall, blonde and slender figure with those sexy grunts. But with the resurgence of the "She-Hulk" aka Serena Williams, Maria's future might be in Jeopardy no matter how tight Nike wants to dress her up in. At least with Ana, she is still super young and already super cute. I should've ordered one of those Russian mail-order bride eh? Who knows, you might hit the jackpot with a doppelganger of Maria or Ana.....YUM!

Roger x adidas Skateboarding Ronan

Once in a blue moon, adidas would come out with a really sick colorway of one of their shoes. This time around, it's the collaboration between Roger Skateboarding Team. This just shows how serious adidas is in competing for that market share in the skateboarding industry. Look for these to hit your local Skate stores soon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

adidas is the choice of sexy British gal - India Reynolds

Remember hurricane Katrina that hit the gulf shores of New Orleans in August 2005? It literary shook the United States as a nation and it showed the world as a nation how we all responded to the call. Watching it on TV, you can't fully comprehend the magnitude of the things that happened there, you see folks swept away, folks lost everything, but the one image that still stuck to my head is of how many folks took advantage of this tragedy for their personal well-being. Looting foolowed the day(s) after the initial hit and the brand of choice for those looters? Well, Nike of course. The most desirable brand for the American looters. Until this day, I think of that looting incident and just shook my head in disgust. Then I started thinking, if this was to happened in the U.K, would Nike still be the brand of choice, or adidas would be cleaned out by looters? 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

adidas Rose 3 - #TheReturn

Here is a look at Derrick Rose's third signature that is due out in a couple of months. Unfortunately as we all know, Mr. Rose won't be wearing these on an NBA court any time soon due to his injury and if the owner of the Chicago Bulls gets what he wants we might NEVER see D. Rose in these at all this year since Mr. Reinsdorf does not want to repeat what he had to go through back in 1985 with a young Michael Jordan. 

adidas Rose 773 Team Shoe - It's ALL about the TEAM

Going back into the realm of TEAM shoes is adidas basketball's latest, the Rose 773. Basically a take down version of the adiZero Rose 2.5 that was supposed to be Derrick Rose's shoes when the 2013 NBA season opened in late October, but they probably won't get much floor time since Derrick is still rehabbing his knee and probably won't return until the 2nd half of the season. By early 2013, Derrick should already start wearing his third signature shoe the Rose 3. So, these will probably sell in Chicago, especially the Black/Red colorways but will be tough sell outside of Illinois without Derrick Rose playing in them.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Nike Air Max Hyperposite: Battle of the Boroughs Editions

Apparently this past Sunday, August 19 at NYC's Rivington Court, Nike had some kind of a basketball tournament for elite NYC players called 'The Battle of the Boroughs' and the two teams that made it into the championship game received some exclusive and very cool looking shoes. One is inspired by the colors of the New York Knickerbockers and the other, well look at the insole of the shoe, the lady with the torch kinda gave it away. These might be available for purchase in November.