Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nike Basketball loose face after Marc Gasol stepped on Blake Griffin's $200 shoe

Any publicity is good publicity am I right? That holds true if you are trying to release an album or a movie. Not when you are trying to sell shoes. Especially a pair of your signature team basketball shoes that's being offered at a mark up of $200 and was supposed to be made of lighter, better and stronger materials. The ironic part, it was stepped on by an opposing player wearing similar model shoes. So I take it these Hyperdunk Elite cannot be destroyed unless it decided to destroy itself? It sounds pretty cool from an angle, and am sure that many people probably didn't even pay attention to this when buying their kid's basketball shoes, but when you put out a $200 shoes and claimed it to be better that the regular model to justify the price increase and have it ripped on National TV is pure garbage. To have it on the feet of one of the most explosive NBA player makes it even more embarrassing. It just screams that Nike in general is so consumed by the idea of innovation, being the best and only cares about making $$ by putting a product that does not meet the exact specification of    it's target consumers, athletes.

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