Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nike Kobe 7 System Supreme for Westhester High School Basketball team

This is grass root marketing at it's best. Why built a relationship with a public school in L.A and outfit them with the KobeSystem when Kobe was not even an alumni of the school? MARKETING! Nike Basketball has been building this type of relationship for the longest time. Of course back in the days, there weren't enough talent in high school for you to get notify, that's why Nike went after big program colleges and universities and made those school Nike Schools, UNC, Georgetown etc. Now, the talent  at the high-school  level might surpass those in the collegiate level. But, kids in high school can't sign a shoe contract, they can't get free shoes (or so we thought) but if the school was to get a Nike contract, then the budding talent can enjoy the perks of getting free shoes & gear that will eventually lead to them singing and endorsing Nike products when they arrive at the pro level. Nike, Adidas and Under Armour and the top three outfitters of high school and collegiate teams. They fight over talents, collecting them like they are stamps. Making sure that each team has the best to lure in the fan base into purchasing the gears that their hardwood heroes are endorsing. They want to make sure that the Michael Jordan case will never happen again, where Mike wore Converse and Adidas in school but jumped ship to Nike, although his loyalty has always been with the three stripes.

After all that, here we get the L.A based high school Westchester Comets Kobe System that are not going to be available for retail. Images via Nike Vault at Staples.

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