Thursday, January 5, 2012

Air Jordan 2012 ‘Year of the Dragon’ – Officially Unveiled

Jordan Brand officially unveils their rendition of the Air Jordan 2012 for the Chinese New Year "Year Of The Dragon". I am not really sure what the significance of the colors are, but it's kinda cool to see the dragon  on the tongue of both the high & regular bootie. It also comes with THREE insoles, which is kinda crazy. Read the official verbiage from Nike regarding this LIMITED EDITION offering and release info is set to come soon since Chinese New Year is in a couple of weeks.

Chinese believe that dragon is a holy being, way above the mundane world. In the arena of basketball, Michael Jordan may be the only equivalent to that transcendence. As the largest single-digit number, 9 is appreciated as a sign of utmost power and achievements. Only emperors can wear robes with 9 dragons. A 9-dragon wall was exclusive for the royal family. 9 is also the lucky number for Michael Jordan. In his 9th season between 1992 and 93, Michael set personal and association record. Inspired by this mystical connection, the Jordan Brand design team, retouched AIR JORDAN 2012 for the new collection. The theme color of blue, in contrast with the yellow inner lining, underpins the message of supremacy, accentuated by the dragon pattern around JORDAN Logo on the tongue. The effect reaches its apex in the limited edition packaging, where red background is decorated with golden dragon and JORDAN Logo, bursting with Chinese features. Two cushions and three midsoles are available, offering functional and aesthetic benefits.

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