Friday, January 27, 2012

Air Jordan Retro IV - White/Cement - The BUGGIN OUT shoe

Am sure a lot of sneakerheads are anticipating the return of the Air Jordan IV in the White/Cement colorways on the 18th of February 2012. There have been numerous pictures up on different sneaker blogs and video comparisons on YouTube as well. So basically, Jordan Brand is offering a classic shoe, marked it up 60% from when it was originally released back in 1989, changed the grey color on it and cheapen out the material. Does that sum it up for you? I hope it did, cause at that price point, they are basically giving us a cheap China made FUGAZI looking knockoff with a brand new Jordan box. I for one will NOT be purchasing anything new that Jordan Brand is putting out until they get some sense into their heads that for $160 (a lot of money in this recession) they need to make their product up to par with what they are charging. The Chinese that owns the factory is getting richer (more billionaire in China that anywhere else on earth) and I am sure Uncle Phil & Cheapo Mike is laughing all the way to the bank seeing how folks are living up and going crazy over these sneakers that will probably fall apart within a week.

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