Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jeremy Scott X adidas Originals 2012 Collection

So let us start off 2012 with a BANG! Let's take a look at what is coming out this year from the Jeremy Scott X adidas Originals collection. Funny thing is, I just read his interview in the latest Sole Collector magazine, and I have to admit, J Scott is one creative and crazy cat. I mean the past few years, he brought us some of the funkiest most creative sneakers out there. In 2012, it will keep getting more and more bizarre, but in an awesome and fashionable way. His collection with adidas Originals has been well received as well, so it's not he is just trying to put bizarre stuff out there and nobody is buying them. They might not be for the Jordan/Nike headz (which is mostly 12-16 year old kids) but I can dig a few of J Scott's creation.  Those Teddy Bear shoes are still one of the MOST, if not probably the MOST innovative sportwear sneakers of all time. Now he is pushing the one with a Gorilla. I still want those PINK Teddy Bear!!!

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