Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nike Air Foamposite One – Electrolime – Black - detailed images

When you have a good thing going, might as well milk it for all that is worth. It held true so far for Jordan Retros because the old and new Jordan headz wants to re-live the old days reminiscent of the times when Mike owned Chicago with his tongue all out driving to the basket and winning Championships. But that was Mike; he single handedly saved Nike, he broke barriers, he made bald people look cool. But what about this fascination that sneakerheadz have for Penny's shoe? The Nike Air Foamposite One? When they first debut back in 1997 or so, they were a clunker of a shoe. Way ahead for its time, looks and feel HEAVY. The only reason they were cool back then was because Penny made them look cool with his silky smooth playmaking. So Almost a dacade later, the Nike Air Foamposite One still gets people lining up, no matter what color Nike decided to put out, there are a loyal, cult like following, for the shoe. Not so much for Penny though. When Penny Hardaway was in the NBA back in the days he was with the Magic, he was my dude. The NEXT JORDAN, the one that will bring the NBA to another level. He's got the height, the built and skills, but then he got hurt and injured. He tried coming back several times to end up looking like an old @$$ Penny instead of the Penny of old. But his shoes remain constant, Nike kept re-releasing his shoes and the people kept on buying them. So now with the huge interest in bright colors, the Nike Air Foamposite One is getting the electrolime treatment and set to release soon with a WHOPPING price tag of $220, thats right a 10% increase from previous releases that was already insanely priced at $200.  Images via RMK

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