Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nike Zoom Kobe VII - Four styles for 2012 release

It's the end of another month, when we, the blue collar worker, gets their paycheck and tomorrow the first of the month is when the rent is due. It's a cycle that almost everyone follows, unless you get paid at the beginning of each month or every 2-weeks instead, but that is besides the point. It is a cycle of the working men/women. The same can be said with shoe releases. For the past few years now, the LeBron signature  basketball shoe gets first attention just around August/September, it is then followed by Kobe's Signature shoe which is towards end of October to early December. By January, it's the Air Jordan signature shoe.

Seeing that today is the end of November and tomorrow is December, we FINALLY get blast of colorways for the Nike Zoom Kobe VII that is scheduled to come out in 2012. It's kinda crazy to think that up to this point there is still no 'Christmas' Kobe yet. (We caught a glimpse of it a few weeks ago but not allowed to take pics)

So until the X-Mas colors drops, we, fans of Kobe Nike kicks, will have to make do with the following colorways that are so far pretty dope. Especially with the references to the Sharks and Wolves.

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