Wednesday, November 16, 2011

adidas Basketball – Upcoming releases - NBA lockout edition

As we go deeper and deeper into November and still no NBA games in sight, many people are getting restless and so are Adidas, the official outfitters of the National Basketball Association. They finally broken through last season with an array of basketball shoes that can almost match the dominance of the swoosh in that category and now, no NBA and they have a plethora of new offerings ready and just gathering dust with no one to promote them. No Derrick Rose, No Dwight Howard, No Josh Smith and No Tim Duncan. (wassup Candace Parker) The ONLY adidas basketball guy that is constantly on the front is Derek Fisher and he is probably public enemy number one to the NBA owners. Anyways, below are just a few offerings that will release this year and going into 2012. via Hoopchina.

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