Wednesday, November 23, 2011

adidas AdiZero Rose 2 - Christmas edition

So there is talk AGAIN of resolving this Labor dispute among the NBA players and owners. When it comes down to it, its all about the Benjamins. Both sides got money, but they want MORE. What about those without money due to the cancellations of games? Yeah, like I thought, nobody cares for those people that livelihood depends solely on working the games. But for shoe companies, business as usual I guess. Adidas will still launch the Christmas edition of Derrick Rose's second signature shoe that is surprisingly, well compared to the offerings from Nike, kinda plain and boring. But then again, D.Rose is not exactly the life of a party when it comes to personality. He is like the point guard version of Tim Duncan, who also happens to be with Adidas.

I am sure this colorway has something to do with how popular GUCCI is with young millionaires these days. I've been around these catz to now enough, that GUCCI inspired colors sell. Especially among Chicago catz that are crazy over black based sneakers. So this colorway is a definite sell through, at least in the Chicago-land area. Images via Solemovement

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