Tuesday, November 22, 2011

adidas adiZero Rose 2 - Simeon Wolverine

Adidas basketball  motto has always been about the TEAM. In recent years all of their basketball footwear offerings has always been sort of team oriented in colors. Last year however, Adidas basketball introduced a special makeup for Derrick Rose, their number one marquee guy, for the NBA All-Star game, but D.Rose changed the bright yellow shoe to a more modest Black/Red during the second half of the all-star game to better represent the Chicago Bulls, his TEAM. This season, there is no NBA, so Adidas basketball looked elsewhere for inspiration and they came up with this really cool colorways based on Derrick's high school TEAM colors. Although loosely inspired, these bad boys are the colors of the Simeon Academy "Wolverines" and they will become available starting December 1, 2011 at your adidas basketball retailers.

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