Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Supreme X Nike Air Force One - CAMO - super Hypebeast shoes

At the times of release which was 2 weeks ago on November 15 in the U.S & Nov 17th in Japan, I really don't feel the need to write about Nike's most iconic shoes and it's latest collaboration with everyone's favorite "skate"/streetwear brand - SUPREME. But upon careful inspection and consideration, I decided to NOT bother writing about such a hypebeast shoe. SUPREME as a brand has surpassed it's own true identity, it was and still is a skateboarding brand, made extremely famous or should I say IN-famous by sneaker heads who happens to skate. The fact that it has escalated to this level and even those who knows nothing of skateboarding nor streetwear are starting to ask for them in their Christmas wish list is somewhat...well uncool and mainstream. But if you are those that is staying true to your SUPREME roots from way back in the day, then good for you.

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