Monday, November 26, 2012

Nike KD V - Christmas shoes/video games edition

I am sure there is some kind of a funky explanation behind this colorway of the Christmas KD V, but unfortunately I am not in the know and even if I ask @Leoschang on Twitter, dude will probably won't hit me back because 1. He is probably not allowed to, 2. I am just not cool enough to get an RT on Twitter. So based on what I see here, I am just going to come up with a hypothesis  of the 'story' behind this colorway.

By looking at the insole of the shoe, you can probably guess that it's based on Kevin Durant's love of video games and for a boy growing up, nothing beats getting a pair of cool sneakers and/or video games for Christmas. Another theory is the upper is based off those gawd awful sweaters that you get from relatives, mostly from an Aunt that knows nothing of your interest, but I am sticking with my initial theory that it's based on KD's love of video game and the upper of the shoe are pixels of games from earlier in the days when ATARI still rules. Let's face it, you don't see this kind of pixels when you play your X-Box or PS3 do you? Unless of course it's broken. Enjoy the pics, courtesy of JC1992 from Nike Talk.

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