Friday, November 2, 2012

adidas D Rose 3 “90s Throwback” aka "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" edition

Poor "Pooh", I don't know how he's going to move his shoes this year when he is not playing in them during NBA games. To add to his on-court absence, the price hike from $120 to $160 will surely make a few parents cringe when their kids asked for the D Rose shoes for Christmas.
I am aware that Nike signature shoes are costing more and more these days, with the Air Jordan costing in the $200+ price point, as well as the LeBron X+ nearing the $300 price point mark, I guess adidas basketball was thinking that if they don't increase the price, it will devalue D Rose's third signature shoes and they need to keep up with a higher price point signature kicks that is somewhat relevant when it comes to the sneaker market. But the think that they failed to realized, Air Jordan is the shoe that started it all, it will ALWAYS have a follower, the LeBron X+ is a gimmicky shoe that tracks your fitness activity and with LeBron fresh off his first championship this past summer, kids are now clamoring for Bron2's shoes more than ever. This leaves D Rose's third signature shoes; again with D Rose still sidelined, a higher price point in this slumping economy, how on earth are you going to come up with that $160+tax for something that D Rose will probably never wear this NBA season ? Especially when Jordan Brand keeps coming out with their overpriced Retros that seems to be the MUST HAVE for kids of all ages.

One way to get shoes moving these days of course it to create them in LIMITED fashion add to that, bright colors! As ya'll can see here, being tagged as the “90s Throwback”, or “Fresh Prince” for the loud color outfit that Will Smith wore in the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” opening credits, this colorway is almost similar to last year's "Simeon - Wolverine" colors takes TWO separate green, one the Volt/fluorescent green and the other Slime green, blue trim, and graffiti style tags of "South Side" and "773" on the back of the tongues as a nod to Derrick’s hometown Chi-town. Of course, it would not be complete without the speckled mid-sole. Set to release Nov 9, get ready to act a fool in these like Will Smith did back in the days.

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