Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nike Kobe VIII - 8/Eight/Hachi - Black/Del-Sol - First Look

The number EIGHT is a significant number for Kobe and it happened to be important to yours truly as well. For Kobe, it signifies his basketball career when he first entered the NBA with the jersey number 8, it also coincides with the month Kobe was born in, August, the eight month of the year. As for me, well, that number was also my number in high school when i played junior and senior varsity. My parents believe the number eight is a lucky number, so I wore that number in honour of their believes and hoping that the luck would've rubbed on to me. it never did, LOL!

Anyways, here we take a look at a true low cut basketball shoes. The EIGHT edition of Kobe's signature shoes and it gets even lower than the previous one and it also should be even lighter from looking at the material and Lunar cushioning setup. It reminded me of Steve Nash's last signature shoes with Nike, and now Nash is Kobe's teammate, so maybe after Christmas, Steve Nash would start wearing these along side Kobe. I am just hoping that they move away from that whole SYSTEM mess that they introduced last year and just keep improving the lightest and lowest mold to your feet shoes like they did with the Kobe V & VI. But again, if they just play it save, it wouldn't be Nike Innovation. Images via Marqueesole

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