Monday, June 25, 2012

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "What The Kobe" release info

Probably the most bizarrely colored of all the Nike Zoom Kobe VII, the "What The Kobe" colorway is an homage to previously featured predators in the Zoom Kobe VII. The leopard, the poison dart frog, the great white shark and the green mamba?  Well anyways, the color blocking of this offering is definitely outrageous, but that's what we've all come to expect from the swoosh since they have a library full of different hues, different materials to play with and of course all the latest innovative technology that results in MAKING MAD CHEDDAR. The feedback thus far has been that the shoe is too ugly to be worn, but it doesn't stop resellers, hypebeast to want them to make extra change. The shoe itself was groundbreaking when first introduced late last year, especially with that viral 'Kobe System' commercial; but it lost luster since there seems to be many fault to the replaceable insoles, may folks complaint about getting blisters and the material seems to be chipping in certain areas. I am sure they as in Nike, took notice and corrected those faults but then again, they are Nike, a giant among giants. So arrogantly stuffed up in their own ego and mission in making those billions that at this point they are just putting out LIMITED stuff to make that money. SAD!
Images via Kix-Files

Zoom Kobe VII
Bamboo/Tropical Twist-Hasta-Seaweed

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