Friday, June 22, 2012

Marketing 101 - How to attract consumer to your sneaker store

When you own a sneaker shop, it's not enough that you carry your favorite brands of footwear and apparel to attract consumers (unless you carry Yeezy's), you also need to provide excellent customer service, social media marketing, and of course you need to have a cute ASIAN girl pose in the biggest poser shoe of all time while wearing real skimpy clothes that showcase her physique. I don't know why that latter part is necessary, but it seems to be the trend with sneaker-fanboy, I guess something that is MALE dominated like sneakers needs a reminder that they are supposed to be drooling over the female anatomy instead of spending time checking out sneakers online or in-store. Anyways, I just lost my train of thoughts, although this girl is not the hottest thing since....oh what am I saying, she'll do. Come to Butthead!

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