Friday, June 8, 2012


There is nothing bigger right now than the release of the Nike Air Yeezy 2. Everyone and their moms wants them, a select few already got 'em (Nike folks & celebs) and of course Mr. Jackass, Ye, himself and his super friend, Mr HOV, Jay-Z got theirs months ago. At $245, this is not the most expensive shoes that just came out recently, but this will be the MOST sought after since the Nike MAG last year. At least those were for a good cause, these I am sure is to feed an EGO that was already inflated in Kanye's and Nike's and WILL cause greater chaos than last week's LeBron Elite 9.

I love that brand, the swoosh will always be embedded in me, although my love has never been reciprocated, I will always held the swoosh to a higher standard than other brands mainly because they always seem to come up with crazy products, over the top commercials and all the best athletes are with the swoosh. But now they seem to forget who the sneaker heads that made them who they are. Nike folks, I should re-phrase that, the people that works at Nike, are mostly well, NON-sneaker heads. I understand that Nike is a business first and foremost and you need folks that knows the business to run things, but I also know personally that folks there loves MONEY more than the brand. But then again, Nike is always about innovation and this is a new way to do retail. Minimizing their store presence to select big markets, making the product available via factory stores in smaller circuits and creating hard to get - limited edition offerings to create curiosity and increase demands.
Can the sneaker-heads come up with that brilliant game changing business model? I don't think so. Sneakerheads wants the shoes to be LIMITED but at the same time obtainable to them and only them. That's bad business. The unfortunate part of this new-age retail practice is what drives the resellers business. It's like Nike, as a giant in their industry, is helping small business owners to make ends meet in this slumping OBAMA-nomy. But is it worth it when you hear of kids getting beat up, shot at? Some would steal, cheat, fight & maybe even kill to obtain their SUPER LIMITED SNEAKERS. Is it worth all that?

My answer is NO.

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