Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Medicom x Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium TZ ‘Bearbrick 10th Anniversary’

Ever wonder who started making those vinyl toys popular? Well, wonder no more. Medicom Toy Company was the first to create those little plastic vinyl and they were given away as souvenir and were not meant to create the craze that followed in years after that. But now, the name Medicom is parallel to vinyl toys. Everywhere you look, there are vinyl toys. But being the pioneer, theirs' are still the most sought after by collectors.

Nike on the other hand is synonymous with everything that is cutting edge and all about being the best. So what better way that to collaborate with Medicom once again to create this hairy looking Air Force Ones in two different colors.  The Medicom Toy Company x Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Bearbrick Version’of course is going to be highly sought after like their vinyl and so far no word on a US release, but Japan release is soon. via Cliff Edge

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