Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Leaders 1354 x adidas Originals Forum Moccasin Mid – December 17 release date

The word streetwear is often associated with a handful of cities around the world. New York City, Tokyo, London and..... Chicago? Well maybe not to that extend quite yet. But seeing that Leaders1354 has been around for almost a decade (tenth anniversary in 2012) it's a start to establishing that presence. The concept behind this Leaders1354 X adidas Originals Forum Mocassin is based off  Leaders1354 being the first streetwear store in Chicago, and one pioneer recognizes another. The first permanent settlers in Chicago were the Potawatomi indians, so they took the Forum base and mixed in a Native American theme. The end result is a few new twists to the Forum featuring a removable moccasin fringe on the heel, zig zag stitches, and premium leather laces. Via Ldrs1354

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