Thursday, December 22, 2011

Air Jordan Retro XI - CONCORDS - Release date at MIDNIGHT

Every year around the same date, Jordan Brand releases their highly anticipated holiday shoe. Their old dependable cash cow, the Air Jordan XI. This year more than ever, people are struggling to make ends meet because of the recession, there are more Americans living under the poverty line and there are some who lives in their car since they can't even afford to rent; but did all that come to a factor for Jordan consumer? Of course not! This is the ONE shoe that EVERYONE and their momma is going to want. No matter if you grew up in a farmer community, or an amish or you are from South Central L.A, no matter if you are work as a dishwasher, or a dentist with a boat, EVERYONE will be wanting these. So if you don't have a spot by now, then get ready to loose some sleep and line up as soon as you can, cause these MoFos are about to be GONE in 60 seconds. Word to Angelina Jolie.

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