Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nike KOBE 9 ELITE "Legacy" - out in your neck of the wood

If you've missed out on the Nike Kobe 9 ELITE "Perspective" like I did, then you'd be a happy camper knowing that the "Legacy", a close substitute, is available now in your area's Nike Stores, Footlocker etc.

So what makes this called the "Legacy"? Well there are several theories to this, and some linked it to Jerry Buss's lucky gambling jacket, which to me makes NO sense whatsoever. The closest inspiration to this colorway would be the ORIGIN of the Lakers, which was the MPLS Lakers.

But enough about what inspired this colorway, but it should be whether this shoe will inspire you to do great things on or off the basketball court that should matter. What will you LEGACY be when you rock these?

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