Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nike Air Command Force - the bring back aka RETRO

Honestly speaking, these don't do a damn thing for me. When these joint first drop in the mid 90's hardly anyone wanted them due to the popularity of the Reebok PUMP at that time. Now, since Reebok has fallen way off that chart of sneaker popularity, and Nike has reign supreme in almost every category, everyone and their momma now wants a piece of the PUMP wannabes.  However, after saying all that, there is a little bit of me that's glad Nike decided to bring these baby for a trip down memory lane. Even better, the Nike Air-Fit PUMP technology will still be intact for this November 8th release. SO if this is something that you all are looking forward to have on your feet to ball-in or just to break necks, best get some cash ready, $200 in the U.S or around 2.5 million rupiah.

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