Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nike Ad suggest Kevin Durant is not nice to sell more shoes.

KD's style of play has evolve throughout the year and his versatility on the court does indicate that KD IS NOT NICE to his opponenets, but he is a super nice dude off the court. Now, why do Nike wants to sell KD off as a not so nice guy? Well think back a little when Nike had David Robinson doing those Nike commercial. Now The Admiral was a super nice guy, and as a big man, his shoes don't sell as well. But KD is a different breed of new NBA players all together. AND most importantly, his last shoe, the KD IV sold relatively well when they came out in LIMITED offerings. So to piggybacking on previous success, Nike & their ad company came out with this ad in hope to sell KD off to a nationwide audience that are not basketball fans to go to the local foot locker and BUY KD's latest shoe, KD V Ice Blue color, which launches globally February 6 online and February 7 in stores. Hey that's today!

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