Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nike Kobe 8? Say it ain't so...

So these are what the new Nike Kobe 8 supposed to look like...??!!! YAMA HAMA! I hope no one buys them, but I'll probably end up with a pair. The sad thing is how these Kobe sneakers nut suckers are justifying how ugly these look as game changers and will be a great performance shoe. Well $#!?, all the Kobe signature shoes are great performance shoes, they were built for high level professional basketball. not just for rec league dudes. But at the same time, for any sneakers to sell, aside for making them limited, aesthetically, they have to look somewhat decent when worn with Jeans or cargo shorts. Maybe these will look good eventually, but from the following colorways, I for one won't be making that day after Christmas trip to purchase them.

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