Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nike Basketball and Sportswear features LeBron X: Cork

Nike's investments in the self-proclaimed "CHOSEN ONE" finally paid off. Now that King James finally got his bling, Nike can start selling him more towards the fashion side of the brand in Nike Sportswear. We've seen previous Nike Sportswear entry for Bron the past few years, but they are limited to a destroyer jacket, and a couple of T-shirts. Now that Bron2 is THE CHAMP, Nike can start rolling out more fashion friendly LeBron collection that will hopefully help erase his bad-guy image from The Decision.

This version of the Nike LeBron X took it's inspiration from a cork of a champagne bottle that are commonly used for celebration. Nike Sportswear brings a sophisticated edge to the shoe with premium materials and fabrication intended for off-court use.

This LEBRON X NSW cork edition marks the first of multiple Nike Sportswear versions of Nike signature basketball shoes, all remixed with premium materials for non-performance use.

The Nike Sportswear LEBRON X cork shoe launches globally in December in limited quantities.

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