Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nike Zoom Kobe Game Time - XDR bottom means China region only

Kobe Bryant's popularity in China is taking Nike Basketball to new heights as they once again introduce a new offering in the Nike Kobe signature line in terms of more takedown series. No other NBA superstar ever had this many signature takedown series as Kobe, heck even Michael Jordan didn't start making takedown series until the past few years with the Air Jordan Light offering. To make it even more bizarre, the Kobe takedown series of basketball shoes are only released in China, where Nike is building a World Headquarter in Shanghai and where the money is at right now. Knowing the Chinese spending habit and how the Chinese youth are gravitating towards American goods, Nike realized there's a market there for a Kobe takedown series, where the Chinese can still associate themselves with Nike, an American brand and still buy affordable basketball shoes of Mr. Beef himself. Images via Aaronknows

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