Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nike LeBron X+ "Crown Jewel" / "Diamond Collection"

Before the official launch of the much discussed LeBron James's tenth signature shoe with Nike, LeBron wore a pair for the 2012 London Olympic Gold Medal game. Then speculation on a huge price hike circled around the internet and business world; old men that knows nothing about the sneaker culture started reporting and talking about it right and left. A $320 price tag was rumored, of course then it started being justified that it's the PLUS model that's going to be $300+ because of it's ability to track your vertical leap, speed and etc. Then they said, there will be 2 different price point. The PLUS enabled Nike LeBron X will be $300 and the non-PLUS units will be $180. Then, the final confirmation on the price finally hit from the swoosh, $270 for the PLUS enabled and $180 for the 'regular' LeBron James signature shoes. If you think back a little, it sort of resemble 'The Decision' does it not? When the general public was kept in the dark, speculating the destination of 'The Chosen One'. Well, these so called "Crown Jewel" Nike LeBron X+ will be available this coming Saturday, September 22 and again, it's rumored only three Nike DTC stores will have them, LA, NYC & Vegas. 

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