Friday, August 10, 2012

Nike Air Max Speed Turf - Industrial Orange/Black NEXT Saturday release

Here is another retro brought to you by Gentry Humphrey of Nike Sportswear. The guy was notorious in bringin' back cheaply made retro Jordan with slight modification in colors, shape and materials. He made a monster out of it since he did it at the times where a lot of kids are just getting into this 'hobby' and for that success, Gentry was promoted to Nike Sportswear where he overseas, yupe you guessed it. Cheaply made Nike runners, trainers and basketball shoes. LOL!

Anyways, it's sad that words that comes out of sneakerhead's mouth these days are: MUST COP!, HOPE THEY STAY TRUE TO OG and this one kills me HOPEFULLY THE MATERIAL WON'T BE TOO CHEAP. I mean C'mon! The fact that we are in a recession and you are still thinking about buying a cheaply made in China shoes at $135 PLUS tax  is appalling.

So, NO. I will not be getting these next Saturday 8/18 and no I won't be getting those Golden Moment Jordan pack or whatever they are called either.

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