Wednesday, August 22, 2012

adidas is the choice of sexy British gal - India Reynolds

Remember hurricane Katrina that hit the gulf shores of New Orleans in August 2005? It literary shook the United States as a nation and it showed the world as a nation how we all responded to the call. Watching it on TV, you can't fully comprehend the magnitude of the things that happened there, you see folks swept away, folks lost everything, but the one image that still stuck to my head is of how many folks took advantage of this tragedy for their personal well-being. Looting foolowed the day(s) after the initial hit and the brand of choice for those looters? Well, Nike of course. The most desirable brand for the American looters. Until this day, I think of that looting incident and just shook my head in disgust. Then I started thinking, if this was to happened in the U.K, would Nike still be the brand of choice, or adidas would be cleaned out by looters? 

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