Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Mario Bros. x Converse One Star Ox

If you grew up in the mid 80s, then Super Mario is probably in your list of memorable things that you spend countless hours with. The home video game console up to that point was basically ATARI with its one dimensional and non-colorful games. Then enter Mario, and Italian plumber invented by a Japanese game maker for Nintendo. It took the world by storm and even new generations of gamers these days can still appreciate Mario since Nintendo has introduced numerous version since that first one back in the day.
Of course back then, the sneaker of choice was not Nike nor the Air Jordan yet. It was still CONVERSE. So it just made perfect sense for these two icons from the 80s to mess together and give birth to this: The Super Mario Bros X Converse One Ox. No word on availability here in the states just yet, but if you know folks in Asia, try hollering at them, maybe they'll get you a pair or two.

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