Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nike Sportswear 'Black history Month' Collection 2012

Only in the United Stated where they actually dedicate certain months for certain heritage. They want to celebrate the different cultures of the many heritage and race that makes up the United States by dedicating each month with a different heritage that hopefully will enriched the minds of the American youth to not hate but celebrate. Well February is the Black History Month, although it should have been called the African American Heritage Month. I mean why would you call it BLACK, I thought we are all supposed to be politically correct and call Americans of African heritage African American, like how they call Asian American, they don't call Americans with Asian heritage YELLOW HISTORY MONTH? And what about the Caucasians? No WHITE HISTORY MONTH? No Caucasian-American Heritage Month?  Sometimes I think they just call it whatever the heck they want just for the sake of celebrating something and to sell shoes. BWAHAHAHAHA.......anyways Nike is no stranger to offering Black History month products, they are always on the forefront of Heritage and cultural stuff. Enjoy!

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