Friday, February 18, 2011

Skull Candy X Air Jordan 2011 & Skull Candy X Air Jordan Retro 3

MARKETING - is the keyword to everything that is launching this weekend. The NBA All-Star weekend is traditionally a gathering of the game's best & brightest where they get to play the game we all love in a less competitive atmosphere while showcasing their "outside the box" skills. It also is the stage where many sneaker companies to introduce their new offering and in the past few years it's been how Jordan Brand introduce their signature line. This year more than the past, its coming out with super limited and extra "gimmicky" addition to its Air Jordan 2011. The Chinese New Year inspired 'Year Of the Rabbit' Air Jordan 2011 and two packages featuring Skull Candy headphones. Each Skull Candy headphones are inspired by the shoe its paired with. The Skull Candy headphone that comes with the Jordan Retro 3 is designed with cement print all over. The Headphone that comes with the 2011 is inspired by the interchangeable insole colors. See below for pics:

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