Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nike Sportswear - TOP-SECRET AREA 72 COLLECTION featuring RAYGUN

"Fictitious Area 72 is the creative muse behind Nike Sportswear’s 5-shoe collection celebrating basketball’s mid-season weekend in Houston."

In other words, Nike Sportswear is hyping up the 2013 NBA All Star festivities in Houston by launching over the top collection of shoes that nobody would buy if they don't make it glow in the dark.

Yupe, sounds about right.

Piggybacking on their wildly successful NASA oriented Nike offering for last year's NBA All Star in Orlando with the Galaxy Foams etc, Nike Sportswear is at it again, this time around the collection seems can I put this nicely, LAME! Seems like they targeting those hipster doofus instead of basketball aficionados, or maybe the times have changed that much that you can make it into some sort of a hybrid, like many of Nike Sportswear's offering. But maybe Nike knows something that we don't, they do have all these "influencers" under their payroll and maybe these are the popular kicks among the Chinese these days. All I know, I won't be caught wearing any of them.

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