Friday, July 20, 2012

Reebok Court Victory Pump - Michael Chang Tennis shoe

Back in the early 1990s, there was a war brewing, not the war in the middle east, or in Bosnia, but it's on the tennis court between TWO well endorsed Tennis players. One was the uber-flamboyant Andre Agassi from the Nike Tennis Team and the other is the man that keeps beating Agassi in almost every tournament, with Team Reebok, Michael Chang. Ask Agassi now and he'll tell you that he hated Mike Chang, simply because MC was more ready, he was well prepared and he was a winner. Not that Agassi wasn't a winner, but you'll get a different perspective of that guy after you read his book. But Anyways, Reebok did them right back then and now the MC Court Victory is back once more. Just at the right time when Reebok is FINALLY going to re-release the goodies from their Vault. We've seen Iverson's, Kamikaze & Shaq's stuff is coming too, so get your money tight, there's no better options of retros like right now, go get 'em! Images via Mr R Sports

Reebok Court Victory Pump
(Michael Chang)

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