Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The NEVER ending colorways of the Zoom Kobe VI - No Turkey for the Beef.

I for one is not a big fan of these NBA Players telling the media that they are going overseas to play basketball and earn a paycheck. The money is definitely nice but it does make the superstar players sounds like they are just out there for the money. I blame Deron Williams for this, but the again, he will be w/o a contract soon so I guess it is justifiable for him. But for all the other cats saying they are going to play overseas if the NBA Lockout persist just makes them sounds greedy and stupid. Stay out of trouble at home and work on your game. I mean, guys like Durant & D Wade made enough money to last them a lifetime and not to mentioned the endorsement deal with Nike, Gatorade & local deals.

Well, it is safe to say that Kobe will NEVER lace these bad boys up if he plays in Turkey, unless that team is willing to change their team color to match Mr. Beef's Lakers color shoe. Pics courtesy Marqueesole.com

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