Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WOW - Nike use NBA image for New Kobe poster

As pointed out by never wear them via NT.

The below image Nike has been using for the Zoom Kobe VI poster is an image that belongs to Getty Image for the use of the NBA. Not sure on the legal detail, I am sure Nike have permission since it is a picture of a Nike athlete playing in the NBA. However, the disturbing part is the lack of creativity on the part of Nike for not even creating an entirely NEW image for its' advertising purpose.

The Zoom kobe VI is not a far departure from its predecessor the Zoom Kobe V, about the only things that are different are the snakeskin upper and the MOLD to your foot insole/sockliner. But marketing wise, it is a far cry from the Vs. There are not as much hoopla regarding the Zoom Kobe VI like there was the V last year and to top it all off, a recycled and photoshoped image of Kobe from the NBA Playoffs in 2010.

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