Thursday, December 23, 2010

Official release date of the Air Jordan Retro XI Cool Grey - Dec 23 2010.

Many stores open up their door at the strike of midnight on December 23rd 2010 for the much anticipated and overly hyped release of the Air Jordan Retro XI 'Cool Grey'. The server for experienced heavy traffic around 11pm CST that many were left unable to place their order and when it did work, many of the sizes were gone. 

I personally was never a big fan of the Cool Grey XI, to me it's just a RE-RELEASE of a RETRO, was never an original color. Mike never rocked them with the Chicago Bulls during the championship years. Though he did wore them a few times as a Wizard, but for the TRUE & PURE Jordan heads, the one coming out NEXT YEAR is the one worth waiting for. 

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